Kenna James 


Kenna james poker coaching 

Kenna has been a professional poker coach and personal advisor for the past 8 years. Helping others to raise the level of their game and achieve greater success in poker while  simultaneously developing greater life skills such as; Personal Determination, Patience, Discipline and Emotional Control.

Here's what some of his clients have to say:

"Kenna looks at the whole picture. He teaches you the game as well as yourself in relationship to the game." - 

Dr. Magie Stuart - Superintendent of Education

"If you want to improve your game, make money and become a more confident player, I suggest calling Kenna James. He has had a profound impact on my life." - Linda Ford - Retired teacher

"Kenna is an amazing coach. He not only improved my poker game, but learning his techniques taught me how to handle the emotional swings of the game and made me not only a better player, but a better person," - Brian Lupo - Poker professional

"Kenna has helped me raise the level of my game and go from thinking about becoming a more confident and better player to being one." - Kenny Kohl - Poker Professional