"It's not the cards your dealt, but how you play them that really matters." - Kenna James


Everybody has their personal challenges. Wether it's psychological or your practical technique that has run amok, we have special personalized training programs to help you plug the leaks!

Cash games are for  players who like to put their money where their mouth is and play for it!  Kenna James coaching will teach you the skills necessary to bring home the bacon.

Having won 18 Tournament titles, over 100 final tables and racking up nearly $4 Million in cashes, Kenna is recognized as one of the top tournament players in the world. Learn the same techniques that has had Kenna traveling the world and playing tournament poker for the past 15 years!


CASH GAME expert!


People play poker for all different reasons. Some play to satisfy their competitive nature and compete for large sums of money. Other people play for entertainment, socially, or to network within their own business industry. Whichever reason brings you to this great game, learn to play it well!

With Kenna James's Poker Coaching you'll learn advanced techniques and strateges to compete and win, not only at the poker table, but at any game you choose to play in life!

Kenna James 

Poker Coaching